Natures Way Foods - MSIN Statement

Modern Slavery Intelligence Network

The Modern Slavery Intelligence Network (MSIN) is a pioneering non-profit collaboration in the UK food and agriculture sector created in response to the findings of Operation Fort, the UKs largest ever modern slavery investigation. Subsequent dynamics affecting the risks faced by the sector’s workforce, including legal and demographic changes as well as disruption on the international stage, have reinforced the relevant and necessity of the Network.

Coming together in 2020, 14 member companies (including retailers, manufacturers and processors) developed an innovative and proactive intelligence-sharing mechanism to enhance their effectiveness in disrupting modern slavery and labour exploitation within the UK.

Information generated by the network is used to detect, prevent, and disrupt modern slavery and labour exploitation activity in the industry, protecting workers and improving outcomes for those directly impacted.

During 2022, the systems, guidance and legal structures which underpin the Network were fully established and implemented. Stop the Traffik was formally appointed data sharing partner and analyst for the network, and the MSIN intelligence sharing platform launched. Sharing of intelligence commenced in March 2022, and has been used for all its intended functions e.g., highlighting where intelligence input to the secure database relates to a shared case, adding value to member input, and the production of shared intelligence, alerts, and trend reports.

MSIN was formally launched at a conference in June 2022 which was attended by more than 200 representatives within the industry, as well as from NGO’s and law enforcement. The processes for membership expansion have been finalised, including formal expectations for new members to be approved. A graded membership fee structure was implemented to facilitate a range of member types.

Key Outputs in 2023

During 2023, MSIN has continued to grow its membership and work with data sharing partner Stop the Traffik, to run the MSIN intelligence sharing platform.

Member have been encouraged to input data on incidents which have occurred in their business or supply chains into the anonymized data sharing platform, allowing other members to investigate similar issues or raise concerns within their own companies and supply chains.

Over the year, MSIN generated ta least one intelligence submission per week for review and action by members if needed. It also shared “high priority” alerts with all members, for immediate action, which in one case helped to stop high risk exploiters and in another led to members actively investigation to stop any potential issues in their own companies.

Members have gathered at monthly working group meetings as well as for the MSIN Annual Conference in September 2023 to share insights and review trends in modern slavery. The conference was attended by more than 150 industry and NGO representatives and included a keynote speed from the Rt Honourable Theresa May MP.

In 2024, MSIN will continue to focus on increasing the quality and quantity of intelligence processed, expanding its’ memberships, and driving value for its members in the increased sharing of trends and insights.